Acadama as a market place offers service packages (jobs) in most areas of human activities to meet the needs of people both academics and the general public. The scope of jobs on sale is endless and so is the type of buyers.

Buyers buy service packages (jobs) posted by sellers. However if you notice a particular job package in your category partially satisfies what you require and not all of the specifications of your work, you can customise your order. Acadama will deliver your order to your satisfaction.

Buying on Acadama is similar to a market place. 3 easy steps are required.

Step 1: Search for the product or seller

  • Use keyword search or Select a category on the menu bar
  • The system will display jobs
  • Choose the job that relates to what you want done.
  • Click on the job package
  • Review the job and seller details and make sure you are satisfied
  • Place order (Step 3)

Step 2: Customise your order

  • If the job package differs from what you need, Click on “Send custom order”  (You will be asked to Sign in or Join if not a member)
  • Complete order form and send.
  • Seller will contact you via email in the system .

Step 3: Place an order

  • Place order
  • Make payment(s) as you had agreed with the Seller.
  • Buyer receives the product after payment.

Buyer rights and responsibilities are discussed in Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.