Acadama was born out of the need for part-time engagement of lecturers and other academics and to help students improve their work. The central theme is job for academics. Unlike the generic approach where academics bid for jobs, we make it possible for academics to post the service packages they are passionate about based on expertise and experience and allow buyers to bid.

Acadama is the market place for professional people to sell their services such that a user can buy already packaged services (jobs) or place a custom order.

Seller posts a job and buyer buys a job. The post is advertisement of what the Seller offers on sale and description of Seller knowledge and skills in the area.

Anyone who can “relate to the work done in schools, colleges, and universities, especially work which involves studying and reasoning…” can be a seller. In general a person who is attending or has attended a school, college or university qualifies to engage on the platform as a seller.

It is easy to become a seller on Acadama.

1. Sign in/Join us

2. Create an account

3. Post an opportunity: (Here you will sell your skills and services) An example is given below.

  • Job name: (Title of the service you offer) e.g. Comparative Case Analysis
  • Price: (indicate the charge for the service in £) e.g. 85
  • Time: (how long will it take to complete the job in Days) e.g. 4
  • Description: (Details of the service you offer) e.g. I can do qualitative data analysis using NVivo. Coding and report are included in the prise.
  • Opening message: (here you make a pitch, remember there are competitors: promote the service and yourself) e.g. I hold PhD in Industrial Psychology. I have taught qualitative research at Higher Education for 3 years. My work is published in 3-star journals. Let’s discuss your work. Send me an email.
  • Gallery: (upload a symbolic image, or photo) e.g a free online image where NVivo is being used. Image size 768×435 pixels.
  • Tags:(key words which people use to find the job in key-word- search ) Type key words and press ENTER
  • Extra service: (enter accessories here) e.g. Research proposal £45; Research design: £123.
  • Save

4. Check the post and make sure you are happy with it.

  • Go to home page.
  • Scroll down to JOBS
  • Is the post correct? If not, go to Dashboard and edit the changes.

(To access Dashboard click on your name at the top of the home page. Dashboard is on the dropdown menu).

NB: One job for one skill. You can create as many jobs as you have the skills e.g. 1st job:  “comparative case analysis”,2nd job: “reduction of absenteeism at work place” etc. The more jobs you create the better your chances of making more money.

Seller rights and responsibilities are discussed in Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.