Acadama – Terms & Conditions

Acadama is a trading arm of Information Managers Ltd incorporated in the UK as company number 07758683. is an academic marketplace where people with expert knowledge (Sellers) can apply their expertise to meet the needs of users (Buyers). Our terms and conditions tell you what we do and how we do it.

By using our site, you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions, and the referenced policies, and that you agree to abide by them.

Last update: 21 September 2017

1. Services

Services are offered on as a fixed price services and are collectively referred to as “Jobs”. Seller offers a job and Buyer accepts a job and determines all other requirements. Acadama has no control over this process.

  • To kick start a Job the Buyer must confirm their requirements and pay a mutually agreed amount with the Seller into the With-Holden Account.
  • Sellers must deliver work within the delivery times agreed with the Buyer including regular progress updates and respond within one day to all messages from the Buyer.
  • Sellers must accomplish their Jobs and Buyers agree to pay for work delivered. Job cancellations or refunds must be just to avoid penalty. The Buyer must give the Seller a minimum of two chances to make amends if the Buyer is not initially satisfied.
  • After the Job has been completed the Seller will raise an invoice through Acadama for payment, including the release of funds held in the With-Holden Account. Buyers must pay within the 7 day payment terms.

2. Job delivery

  • On purchase of a job or acceptance of a Proposal the Buyer confirms their requirements and makes initial payment or deposit into the With-Holden Account.
  • The Seller will work to the provision of the Buyer’s requirements including regular updates on the progress of the work. Non-delivery will negatively affect the Seller’s rankings on Acadama.
  • All direct communication between Buyer and Seller must go via Acadama to keep both parties protected in case of a Dispute.
  • Once the job has been completed the Seller will raise an invoice for the Buyer’s action.
  • The Buyer, if satisfied will authorise the release of funds in the With-Holden Account and leave feedback for the Seller. The funds held in the With-Holden Account will be automatically released to the Seller as payment.
  • The Buyer, if not satisfied, rejects the invoice and provides the Seller with detailed feedback on what work remains outstanding. The Seller must provide at least two revisions of the said work.
  • Where the Buyer neither leaves feedback for the Seller nor rejects the invoice, the funds held in the With-Holden Account will be automatically released on their behalf to the Seller as payment after seven (7) days.
  • The release of Funds in the With-Holden Account to the Seller is on the assumption that the Buyer is satisfied with the Job and does not have a dispute of any kind in relation to the Job. The Buyer agrees that they will not file a dispute or seek to reverse payment.

3. Payments

  • All payments for work completed must be made through Acadama unless Acadama has given its express written permission otherwise in relation to a specific payment or invoice. Sanctions will be imposed on Users that attempt to pay outside of Acadama, including temporary and/ or permanent suspension of the Buyer and/ or Seller’s account. The Seller will be liable for any loss of business and legal expenses that Acadama may incur in recovering it. Acadama reserve the right to apply funds held in the Seller’s Account in order to recover lost fees. Moreover, Acadama will not mediate any Disputes or be liable to either the Buyer or Seller’s loss of business as a result of violation of this clause. Users must report attempts or offers to make payment outside of Acadama by their Buyer or Seller to Acadama immediately.
  • Seller needs to request a withdrawal of funds from their Acadama Account and Acadama will send the money to the Seller via their selected payment preference in line with  Acadama policies.
  •  Acadama is not a deposit taking body and any monies held by Acadama on a User’s behalf are not insured deposits. Users will not receive interest or other earnings on the funds in their With-Holden Account. Acadama will endeavour to ensure that the funds in the With-Holden Account or Acadama Account are available to the User in accordance with these Terms and Conditions but do not guarantee that they will be available to the User in circumstances which are unforeseen or beyond our control.
  • If Acadama has to return funds to the Buyer due to a favourable dispute resolution or Buyer’s request for a payment to be reversed through its credit card provider, bank or Paypal,  Acadama will be entitled to recover any such amount from the Seller’s Acadama Account, credit card or other previously used payment method. If Acadama is unable to recover the amount returned to the Buyer from the Seller in full then the Seller agrees to pay to Acadama any outstanding sums within 72 hours of Acadama making a request.
  •  Acadama will notify the Seller in the event of funds being held indefinitely in the With-Holden Account.
  •  Acadama uses third-party service provider Tripe to process payments by Buyers and to transfer funds to Sellers. Tripe is regulated and authorised to provide payment services in the countries where they operate. Acadama may share your personal or transactional information with third-party payment service providers when it is necessary to process payments.

4. Rights

  • Buyers are granted all rights in relation to the delivered work after payment has been made,

5. Contacting

  • Acadama will communicate information about their services, notices, offers and news to Users in the form of alerts on personal pages and emails to the email addresses associated with their accounts. Users can easily unsubscribe from any email notification.

6. User accounts

  • Buyers and Sellers have to register for a personal account, provide accurate and complete information in compliance with Acadama policies for the purpose, and keep their account information updated.
  • Users cannot register for more than one account.
  • Users maybe individuals, a sole trader, company or any other legal entity (whether incorporated or not incorporated).
  • Users are solely responsible for any activity that occurs on their account, unless it is a result of actions beyond their control (such as hacking or if someone steals their password when they have taken reasonable steps to keep it secure). Users may never use another person’s user account or registration information for the Website.

Acadama reserve the right to restrict User access, temporarily or indefinitely block User account, stop any Jobs in progress, and warn other Buyers and Sellers of your actions or issue you a warning if: a) you breach the letter or spirit of these terms and conditions or the referenced policies; b) we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide to us; c) we believe that your actions may cause any loss or liability to our Users or to us.

7. Quality

  • All Sellers on Acadama must strive to deliver a high standard of work, appropriately meeting their Buyer’s needs.
  • User must not be in breach of any applicable laws, rules or regulations or obligations to any other person.
  • User will be solely responsible and shall hold Acadama harmless for any and all claims for taxes, fees, or costs, including but not limited to withholding, income tax, National Insurance and pension contributions, and workmen’s compensation.

8. Leaving Feedback

  • Seller and Buyer are asked to provide honest and qualitative feedback and a rating from 1-5 for the other party without manipulation, coercion or offer of incentives. The rating will contribute to each User’s ranking on Acadama.
  • Feedback comments that are reported to us as defamatory, abusive or offensive will be reviewed and may be removed at our discretion.

9. Cancellations and refunds

  • After the Commencement of a Job, the Buyer or Seller may request a cancellation by notifying the other party.
  • Failing to notify the other party and the job is subsequently completed, the Buyer must pay for the service delivered in accordance with these terms and conditions and should not seek to file a dispute or reverse payment with their credit card provider, bank or PayPal.
  • Once notified of a cancellation, the Seller should stop working on the Job immediately and the Seller and Buyer will seek to reach a mutual agreement on any payments due.
  • Refunds are only applicable to funds held in the With-Holden Account. By releasing funds from the With-Holden Account the Buyer accepts that this money is non-refundable.
  • Buyers must avoid filing a dispute or reversing payment through their credit card holder, Bank or PayPal. Attempts to seek a refund in this way will lead to the Buyer’s account being automatically suspended.
  • In case a Buyer is entitled to a refund, the Buyer receives the funds requested minus a refund fee equal to 10% of the requested amount except where the Seller is at fault.

10. Disputes

  •  Acadama encourage our Sellers and Buyers to try and resolve any disagreements between themselves. Should that not be possible Acadama Customer Services can provide Dispute resolution in line with the mutual agreement between the parties. 
  • In the event of having to make a resolution decision, Acadama will use only the communication in Acadama system as sole evidence,
  • Users agree and accept that any payments made and/or other actions taken by Acadama in accordance with the resolution decision of a Dispute are made in good faith and Users shall have no cause of action against Acadama (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) in respect of the resolution decision or any such actions or payments made pursuant to it. Users further agree and accept that they have no right to seek to hold Acadama liable for a Buyer or Seller’s alleged actions or failures.

11. Buyer Fees

  • Buyer fees are broken down as follows:

Deposit payment method

Transaction Fee

Service Fee

Bank Transfer




£0.6 + 5%


Credit / Debit card

£0.6 + 5%



(European Cards)

£0.2 + 1.4%



(non-European Cards)

£0.2 + 2.9%


  • The transaction fees are liable to change and the changes and their commencement date will be reflected in the updated terms.
  • There is an optional listing fee of £10 where a Buyer may choose to mark a job listing as ‘urgent’ with a prominent symbol that will make it stand out.
  • In case a Buyer is entitled to a refund, the Buyer receives the funds requested minus a refund fee equal to 10% of the requested amount except where the Seller is at fault.

12. NDA Fee

 Acadama shall make available, upon payment of an optional fee of £28, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for the Seller and the Buyer to use in relation to a Job. In providing the NDA we exclude all warranties in respect of and all liability.

13. Seller fees

  •  Acadama charges a Service Fee of 10% (excl. VAT) on work billed (earnings) subject to a minimum of £2.5 (excl. VAT) per invoice.
  • User account on Acadama includes a statement at the end of each month showing their net earnings.
  • Sellers pay Withdrawal Fee which is passed on from third-party service provider Stripe to process withdrawals by Sellers.

Withdrawal Currency

Withdrawal Method



UK bank transfer

No charge


International bank transfer





  • Bank transfer reversal fees – If your bank transfer gets reversed due to incorrect banking information, wrong bank account type or foreign currency bank account settings limitation, you will be charged a reversal fee of £5 as well as the currency exchange difference (if applicable).
  • If Seller decides to raise a dispute as per section ……., they are required to pay a non-refundable fee equal to 10% of the invoice or refund amount, subject to a minimum charge of £5 per dispute.
  • Bank transfer investigation fee – Please note that if there is a delay in payment from the banking institution, a formal investigation can be initiated with the bank to determine transaction issues. The fee is £28.
  • Chargeback or RFI (Request for Information) fee – A chargeback is a disputed card transaction which is raised by a Buyer if they dispute a payment or if their card has been used without their authorization. A RFI is a Request for Information the bank raises asking Acadama for additional information regarding a particular transaction which may be in dispute or unauthorized. The Buyer’s bank charges Acadama a fee in both these instances and as a result, we are passing these fees to Sellers whose Buyers raised a Chargeback or RFI with their bank for a particular job/payment. The Fees per Chargeback are £20 and per RFI is £12.

14. Governing Law

These terms and conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. The courts of England and Wales shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim that arises out of or in connection with these terms and conditions or their subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).